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53, Чею, სამხრეთ კორეა

Timi Studio and Tencent Games' Arena of Valor are seen as mobile MMO kings for very good reasons. This game has very good 3D graphics, with an attractive art style, and easy control features. But Arena of Valor is a MOBA which derailed the title "king of mobile MMOs". Even so, the game is very successful overseas and has helped make Tencent Games the main name in the video game. There is something very useful about the Arena Valor because this is not a very difficult MOBA. It's actually very easy to succeed. My first online 5v5 match, I managed to put about a third of my team's total damage. This is after the five minute tutorial immediately after downloading the game.

The Arena of Valor Gameplay is very fun, and not surprisingly almost exactly like League of Legends. Most of the heroes are practically identical too. Arthur at the Arena of Valor is Garen from League of Legends, only with different skins. It seems more than a little silly that all characters are renamed, with lots of sound channels being shuffled, instead just keeping everything in line between the two games. There are equal Barons and Dragons, crawling in the forest, and the map even looks visually the same. Everything is a bit strange, because it feels like a rip-off on the road, but if you have the thing you ripping off, is it still a rip-off? If you want to Buy Arena of Valor Accounts

The release date of FIFA 19 Futties is today, with the starting time for the latest FUT promotion just round the corner. FIFA Futties promotions are usually the final season's main event for fans of the Ultimate FUT Team. But during the lifetime of FIFA 19 EA Sports has added many new promos, so there may be more FUT content to come before FIFA 20 development. The FIFA Futties event sees FUT community members choosing their favorite players for each position.

FUTTIES is the promotion of the Ultimate FIFA 19 Team which will take place between July 3 and August 14 and will allow FUT players to decide which star receives the FUTTIES item. Players will choose online between three stars in all categories selected during the first five weeks of the campaign with an increase in winning items rather than being released through SBC. The first FUTTIES voting category was based on 'Favorite Speedsters' with Keita Balde Diao, Hirving Lozano and Gelson Martins all participating. In addition, if you are in need of Cheap FIFA 19 Points, you can visit our website

FIFA 19 Futties take place from July 3 to August 14, and the first player takes the cover of 'Speedsters'. Enter now and you can choose your favorite from Keita Balde (Inter Milan), Hirving Lozano (PSV) or Gelson Martins (Monaco). Instead you get a one-match loan card for that player, with enhanced winning Futties added to fashion in the coming days. The…

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