Path of Exile COC Toxic System BD Construction Raiders
23, Geddes, აშშ

The 3.5 version has reduced the COC cooling to 0.15, which makes the COC have a bright side. So here I made a COC poisoning system BD. First, we chose the nobility. There are two reasons for not choosing the assassin. One is because the assassin is not good enough, and the other is because the assassin crit rate is completely enough, there is no need to add that.

Next, I will talk about the main skill mix, the main skill with the blade flurry - crit release - flying blade storm - increase the crit chance - vicious - concentrated effect. This set is absolutely sufficient as long as it is poisonous. Then add a point, add points can refer to the following figure, divided into two sides plus, this is also the benefit of the nobility, plus a total of 40% of the poisoning.

Then come the sublimation, choose the assassin and the warrior, so that you are immune to dizziness, immune slow, and do not miss. The equipment on hand can be used with a kitchen knife, because this is a better heap crit rate, a little pile is 95% full of crit. In addition, a device is strongly recommended, that is, the giant rock finger sleeve, so that you can immunize frozen, immune sense, these easy to solve the blade.

The aura can open three shortcuts, one is poisonous, the other is pure, and add a vitality, because the main blood return in the late stage depends on vitality + hit back blood, so you can ensure that your blood volume is always sufficient. This set of BD damage is Very impressive, the resistance is basically finished inside, and there is not much resistance, the other all go to the heap to damage, the monsters die fast.

Tips: In order to use this BD, you may need purchase exalted orb and other poe currency items.

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