Cooking Fever is in neither of these categories and still appealing to a casual audience
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Cooking Fever is a currently very successful casual game climbing the ranks in the respective App Stores. Cooking Fever is in neither of these categories and still appealing to a casual audience. A complex and not deep core gameplay is hidden under a very approachable theme. It starts very simple is and instantly rewarding while players prepare the first meals and serve them to their customers. The mechanics of a level remain the same but the complexity ramps up over the course of the game, creating more challenge. This happens in very small steps from level to level, making sure players remain in the flow.

This style of Cooking Fever benefits greatly from a touch screen control scheme. On a 5 screen, however, it can be rather problematic at times. The game looks pretty, but over half of the screen real-estate is wasted on displaying the backdrop, customers, and their orders. This severely limits the playable area and makes everything very cramped. Combine that with opacity of a human finger and you’ll find there is going to be the occasional misstep combining ingredients, which can’t be undone. It is not game breaking by any means, but it is most definitely frustrating when it happens. If you have the hardware, opt into a tablet experience for this game.

There are two different types of upgrades in this game, kitchen upgrades and interior upgrades. Neither is necessarily more important than the other. Rather, it depends on the specific location and situation. For example, the Breakfast Cafe throws more customers at you than most other locations. The interior upgrade that adds Extra Clients is extremely useful at some locations, but is useless at the Breakfast Cafe because you barely have enough time to serve the customers you already have. Rather than add customers that you'll have no time to serve, you should instead spend your gems on upgrades that will translate into more income. Tip Amount Increased is generally one of these, but some locations give you less time with your customers than others, and that translates to less tip time, even if you upgrade it. In those situations, upgrading your ingredients in the kitchen is a better idea. When upgrading ingredients, obviously it's best to upgrade the ingredients you use most. You can never go wrong with Plates, as that is a guaranteed increase on every dish. The upgrade is more expensive, but you get what you pay for.

As mentioned before, Cooking Fever Gems are hard to come by but not impossible to get, especially when you have our guide on your side. Another two great ways to get more gems would be through leveling up and through the casino. Leveling up your XP can increase your gem count by 7 per level, which is nothing to sneeze at. However, this pales at the potential earnings from the Casino which opens at level 7. If you regularly place $500 bets, you can gain 15 gems per every 12 hours, making your total earned gems per day very close to 40. Do note that this usually takes about 8 spins to complete, with a 1000 coin payout around midway. This will make the higher level upgrades, and thus the higher scores much easier to attain. Of course if you’d prefer to not go through the hassle, you could always purchase the gems as well.

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