Onmyoji Arena will launch versions in a variety of languages
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In order to give game players more friendly game experiences, Onmyoji Arena will launch versions in a variety of languages, to reduce the language barrier of game players and allow them to experience more fun competition. Meanwhile, the global competitive ecology of Onmyoji Arena will also be gradually established, providing a platform for global players to display their strength. Currently, the first Asian server Onmyoji Arena Elite Challenge has officially selected the final teams. As the first international competition, it will become a significant process of the competitive ecology of Onmyoji Arena and lay a foundation for the future.

With the global launch, a brand-new gameplay Encounter Demons is coming, it will generate more possibilities for playing the Shikigami, and game players can choose the entertaining gameplay and have more fun. The last and perhaps one of the most important menus in the game. The Shikigami menu gives you access to the Shikigami you have summoned or the Shikigami Shards you have acquired. Outside of the Onmyoji, Shikigami is your primary source of attacking, healing, and defending in combat so it is important to understand how the Shikigami work in conjunction with your Onmyoji and other Shikigami. Upon selecting this tab you'll be able to tap Details on the right side of your screen. Tapping this opens up another menu that provides the Info, Souls, Evo, and Bio tabs to be accessed. Information is similar to that of the Onmyoji, allowing players to loo over the Shikigami's skills and base stats along with their attacks.

Now there's a reason why i had said earlyer that you would need all the exess souls. Just as Shikigami can get stronger by equiping soul your Onmyoji can also get stronger Status by feeding their Totem. in the beginning before you get too much of a stock i would sugest holding off on feeding your totem or upgrading your soul's untill you manage to get enough souls to fully equip your main team of Shikigami with 2 or 3 teir souls and to only feed Teir one after you've obtained quite a bit of them or your close to leveling from the previous time. For More information is on rvgm.com where you can buy cheap Onmyoji Arena Top Up

You may have noticed Onmyoji have skills that can be obtained from achivements as well. but they can also get skills by feeding soul's to their totem. every 5 level's the Totem gains the Onmyoji gains a new level in a skill or acess a new skill that they can use. its recomended to Spar with a freind or go out and fight with these new skills and see how the battles may change for you and your Shikigami as one of the things that can level is the basic attack it is worth going after achivements. The first skill that is possessed is the wing of the wind which if hit by the enemy shikigami will give damage and will bring up a circle under the enemy shikigami which if hit will give additional damage. The second skill is to issue a small typhoon that will knock the enemy out and deal damage. The final skill is wind storms in certain areas that give a slow effect and provide enormous damage.

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