FIFA 20 VOLTA Football allows players to build their own character
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The FIFA 20 release date is September 27th with a new Street Soccer mode called Volta and upgrades to the game flow, movements and ball physics. This is what you need to know about the FIFA 20 release date, editions, new features and other key details. You can play FIFA 19 free with an EA Access or Origin Access subscription if you want to get your gaming in ahead of the release date and you can now pre-order FIFA 20.

Well, it is the time of the year again, championships end, summer starts and, with its, even the countdown to the new FIFA chapter starts. The twenty-seventh EA Sports series' chapter, although it's still in the making, has allowed us to come in contact with its new nature, that once again wants to reach the top level of realism and incomparable game experience. So with a note on their website, the Canadian producer of the world most sold football game has unveiled some improvements that will be on FIFA 20, according to the advice, the requests and the complaints of its big community composed by, as specified, professional players, regular players and occasional players.

VOLTA Football allows players to build their own character, express their individual style and immerse themselves in a real, realistic football experience. A new style of gampley created from the realism of football that will transport players in the flow of the urban game, with new tools like simplified moves and better skills, new animations or the possibility of using the wall as an ally in the game. Know more about FIFA 20, check out our website which is a professional FIFA 20 Coins selling site.

EA Sports announced its first FIFA 20 information at E3 on June 8, as well as announcing the release date: like its predecessors, the release will be released in the fall, and EA Sports has remained true to it. FIFA 20 will be released on the last Friday of September, September 27, 2019. EA Sports has obviously taken the criticism of the gameplay at FIFA 19 to heart and expressed in late May in detail on what should be better at FIFA 20. Among other things, the AI defense behavior is to be adjusted, also on the timing of finishing and the effectiveness of special movements is currently screwed.

Last year, for instance, the versions of FIFA 19 released for Xbox 360 and PS3 were legacy editions. The FIFA series skipped several years on Wii U after disappointing sales, while the final Wii FIFA games were legacy editions. FIFA on Switch hasn’t been identical to the versions found on PS4 and Xbox One, and have required their own development resources to create a lightly stripped-down version to take account of the Switch’s less powerful hardware.

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