Will Epic Games Add A Brand New Map to Fortnite
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If you are a Fortnite fan, you may know these popular locations on Fortnite's one-and-only map: Tilted Towers, Salty Springs, Greasy Grove. These well-known areas have turn out to be something like a second (and very deadly) property to a lot of players more than the final year.

It really is a strange factor, also, due to the fact less than ten years ago a multiplayer shooter with only a single map would've been derided by the masses as 'lacking content material.' And yet, Fortnite continues to be one of the most preferred games on the planet. Will Epic Games ever release a new map for Fortnite?

Will Fortnite ever get a brand new map?

Way back in April of this year, Epic Games design lead Eric Williamson spoke to Red Bull about the prospects for any new map. Factors could have changed given that then, however it seems just like the philosophy on the developer is clear.

"A second map is not off the table, but it's not anything we're focused on right now," stated Williamson. "We had a fairly major map update earlier this year that added a bunch of new points of interest and changed up the game in a quite huge way. And after that a lot more recently, we added Lucky Landing, another new POI." The official Fortnite FAQ goes even additional, answering yes to the question of new maps in Fortnite's future: "Yes, but not ideal away. At present, we'll continue creating improvements to our current map, which includes adding additional points of interest."

But we're not sure how old the FAQ is and irrespective of whether it reflects the present program at Epic Games. And also the Red Bull interview took place long ahead of main events, like the meteor that changed Dusty Depot into Dusty Divot, or the rocket launch that added rifts all through the map, or the total desert makeover inside the southeast corner, or most not too long ago, the purple cube that turned Loot Lake into a swirling vortex and spawned a floating island. That is a lot of new stuff, adequate to treat Fortnite's map as a Ship of Theseus scenario-is it nevertheless the same map if it's been slowly reassembled with unique components?

Navel-gazing aside, it appears that the team at Epic thinks Fortnite's map is greater suited as a singular 'living' entity. And it tends to make sense! The philosophy jives using the continual addition and removal of fortnite save the world weapons, tools, and mechanics to keep the meta in constant flux.

Content contention

Adding various maps to a battle royale game also has had mixed benefits inside the young genre's lifetime. Take PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, one example is. For the greater part of its initial year, players only had the Erangel map to play on, and it was largely adored. Areas like Pochinki, Georgopol, and Rozhok became familiar and beloved in these early months.

And after that PUBG's second map, Miramar, released into early access. The map was received poorly general, however, the larger concern was that it segmented the player base. Rather than just jumping into a match, players had to choose which map they wanted to queue up for. The PUBG really like affair swiftly became overshadowed by complaints.

Miramar is the very same 8x8 km as Erangel, but it's substantially emptier. Much more open areas result in additional downtime and a few super slow matches in what can already be a slow game. Soon after the early grace period, the basic sense was that everyone just wanted Erangel back inside the fore.

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Had PUBG Corp decided to stick with Erangel and update it much more often as opposed to generating Miramar, and later the smaller map Sanhok, then possibly the discussion about PUBG would've been a lot more optimistic over the last year. It really is still a massive international hit, not surprisingly, but adding new maps so soon might've been the incorrect call.

The results of your very first map in Fortnite will not be effortless for Epic. The map has seen so many adjustments all through 2018, the majority of which have already been well-received, that it seems just like the obvious path to keep on.

A new map may be what Fortnite desires within the subsequent year, or years from now. But for the time being, Epic should, and probably will, just stick with what performs: surprise, iteration, and experimentation. At the very least till it does not work anymore. There is no rush.

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