Using a Glitch to Access the Fortnite Tomato Temple Tunnel
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You are going to be excited to discover that one particular player has figured out a solution to access Fortnite Tomato Temple Tunnel. You will discover lots of regions in Fortnite that are difficult or seemingly impossible to access, one of these may be the Tomato Temple Tunnel. If it drives you crazy which you can't get into the tunnel, now you simply need to reap the benefits of a glitch in the game.

Fortnite Tomato Temple Tunnel

Here Is How to Get Into the Tomato Temple Tunnel

You could uncover out the best way to get into the Tomato Temple Tunnel in the video below by PenguinZomby on YouTube:

To begin with, switch to Playground Mode so that you cannot be harassed even though you might be attempting to work with the glitch. Then, grab a buying cart in Tomato Town and take it with you towards the Tomato Temple.

Inside the south section on the location, make your way toward the end on the tunnel. Knock out two roof pieces because of the video shows, also as some wall pieces. Then, get the cart. Create a ramp and push the cart up toward the ceiling. Whenever you get up there, hit the enter button on your controller repeatedly until you get by way of (i.e. square on PS4).

You can then come across your self inside the space above which was in no way intended to be accessible. It's quite odd-looking, and there isn't a complete lot to determine up there. But you'll be able to really feel a sense of deep satisfaction at possessing produced it. Looking for other news and guides in Fortnite? Click here. Buy Fortnite Boosting on U4GM if you get in trouble with power leveling in the game.

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