Fortnite Season 6 Week 4 Challenge - How Can You Ring Doorbells
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Ring the doorbell of house with an opponent inside is one particular of Week 4's challenges in Fortnite, this Fortnite guide outlines exactly where to discover and ring doorbells to finish the Week 4 Challenge.

Now you have got to carry out this feat once over the course of 3 matches - now that's tricky. Not all homes have doorbells either, so you're not just got to have fortunate in locating a residence with one attached, but in addition a single with an opponent skulking around inside. Not surprisingly, you've also got the other variables too, like not obtaining shot the moment you land so you cannot even attain the doorbell.

To help you out, we've put together a list of greatest areas locate and ring doorbells to acquire this challenge carried out and dusted. When you are missing Materials in the game and your challenge becomes difficult, try Buy Fortnite Materials on U4GM, which will speed up your challenge.

The Way on Where to Ring Doorbells

Credit goes to randomChievos who has compiled the easiest places to ring doorbells across Fortnite's map. To ensure you give the video a watch as it'll enable you to improved recognize exactly where all of those areas are.

  • Pleasant Park - Just about every single property in Pleasant Park has a doorbell, so this is a prime spot to have to ding.
  • Snobby Shores - Again, virtually each and every home right here includes a doorbell.
  • Greasy Grove - Several of your houses right here have doorbells, but we'd propose starting at the northernmost a single, then working your way southeast along the perimeter of your town.
  • Salty Springs - Commence around the north side and function your way down. Just about every house here features a doorbell!
  • Retail Row - The residence nearest the basketball court is house to 1 and so does the house opposite. There's also 1 a lot more doorbell around the northeastern most home too.
  • Paradise Palms - Practically each and every residence here features a doorbell. It's a quite flash area, so you know, it's to be expected.

To get a total overview of all of the challenges which have gone live in Week 4 of Season six, be sure you look into our Week 4 Challenges guide!

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